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A stress free way to create that brand magic

The Dali Lama said, "The world will be saved by the western woman." It's time to get to work lady! But in a way that nurtures you and doesn't deplete you. 

This productivity kit allows you to set up each day according to your strongest desires so that you keep moving forward with grace and ease! 

I use this sheet every single day to help me create my totally in alignment brand, keep my clients happy, and create consistent $20K months. 

Use it, baby! I know you'll make leaps if you do! 

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You provided great work and your client loved it! Now its time to ask for that referral. 

Don't make it awkward, shop our Referral Ask Guide.


Our go-to photoshoot cheatsheet for photos you'll LOVE!

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 A simple step-by-step concoction to set up your monthly branded content in just one guide.



All-in-one solutions to maximize your brand, business, and marketing strategies.

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  • Make YOUR BRAND an ideal client attractor.

  • Receive the top 5 must-haves for a profitable brand in the Profitable Brand Masterclass 

  • Easy to follow YES Brand Checklist so you know what to focus on and implement right now.  

  • Develop your monthly content in just 1 day with the 7 Brand Elixirs

  • Stay productive and in-flow with the Productivity Kit for women! 


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Take the Personal Brand Archetype Quiz to learn what kind of brand is authentically you. You'll receive specific next steps based on your answer!






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