hi! i'm jess!

I know you can scale your heart-centered, totally aligned business and brand to the level you want, the way you want.

if we were in person...

First, I'd give you a big hug (post COVID of course). I love hugs (I miss them to be honest). Then, we'd drink copious amounts of coffee as we gabbed away about life, love (my other favorite topic), business, travel and why the curled over potato chips are especially delicious. 

Image by resa cahya
I know you have a special place in this world. Your business is an extension of you and your heartfelt desires. You want to see change, you want to provide a benefit, you also want to financially support your life so that you can live creatively and abundantly. You want that magic in your life. 

Me too, sis. 

What you do changes everything. Your part of this massive energetic ball of creation is essential. And I can't have you hiding out in any kind of fear, doubt, "will they like it", "maybe tomorrow" B.S. This is your sign that it's your time. It's a universal nudge to get on that success horse and ride off into the sunset. We look forward riding alongside you. 
I have been doing this for 14 years... blah blah blah.... GURL.... No time like the present... Your brand is what makes us stay up waaayyyyyyy too late making magic. It's why I call it brand ALCHEMY. I strip away the dirt, dust, debris and get to the GOLD of your brand. I get to what works, to what is essential, so that you can clearly and aesthetically share your mission with the world, what happened only really matters, which makes it a more loving, healed, harmonious, fun, playful, firefly, booty shaking, badass, magical, place.  ALL THE YES to that! 








Are you ready for ongoing accountability, deeper sisterhood in a small intimate group, and an even more impactful and profitable business and brand?




Sometimes you need that focused attention that will bring everything into clarity so you can execute with passion. 

kind words


Completely clueless and scattered to cohesive and confident


Ok. Where do I even begin? Signing up for Brand on Fire with Jessica was one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. I went from completely clueless and scattered on social media to cohesive and confident. Each and every class was filled with so much incredible information that took my brand from “blah” to “WOW.” 


It was incredible to spend 90min every week with Jessica and her energy. It was clear that she cared so deeply about each of us in the course and our brands. And I cannot forget the brand guide she helped us complete. I’m not going to lie, at first I felt a little overwhelmed at the idea of completing a brand guide, but Jessica made it simple and fun! I absolutely love that I now have a completed brand guide that I can use moving forward with my business.


Brand on Fire was AMAZING and some of the best money I have ever spent investing in myself and my biz. I feel confident in my brand and my messaging. I love everything about my brand and I am so ready to begin sharing it with the world! Working with Jessica was 100% a game-changer.

Natasha m



All the things i can't live without

These are the things that bring me great joy in the most simplest way. In addition to what is pictured below, my other loves are meditation and spiritual study, yoga, running a 2K every now and then, interior design, travel, food, FOOD, FOOOOODDDD!!! I love food, and anything that stimulates the senses.
Fun Fact:  I got married to my love during COVID and had the most amazing wedding that we put together in 9 days. YES... 9 days. Overnighted that dress, yo! I deeply appreciated the quickening because what happened only really matters... a sweet, abundant, magical (there's that word again), spiritual union. I swear the trees were even dancing that night. Grateful to have his love, support, and protection always. 

Green is the new black

 I am obsessed with my plants. I love them. I think they're fun to be around and they give me oxygen and clean my air for free. How cool is that? Meet the plant fam below.